At Lola Mango Photo + Film we believe your moments are for actually experiencing. Fully indulging and being present is something we not only honor but love to document. 

Gentle direction meets documentary style. Creating timeless and romantic, yet oh so organic feeling wedding photos + film. 

We believe there is a special magic that arises when real moments are captured and time is forever stopped. Love stories live on, legacies are preserved, and your most treasured moments are here to stay and stand the test of time.

love stories that last


The process



Once you are ready to make things official, please reach out and we will be sure create the perfect custom package options for your event. Once you select the proper package we will send over a contract and invoice that both come straight to your inbox. Then once things have been signed and finalized we send over our bride guide, do not be fooled by the name this is equally wonderful for the groom(s) and anyone else that is involved in your planning. We want to be helpful where we can and our 120 + weddings experience really has given us a wealth of knowledge about weddings that we love to share!


Engagement Session

If you selected an engagement session for your package this is typically what follows the contract signing. We set a date that works best for our vision, whether that be waiting for the perfect fall leaves/spring blooms or jumping right in to capture things sooner! We love this chance to get to know how you interact as a couple, and you in turn get to see how we operate behind the lens.


planning + prep

About 1 month out from your wedding we like to set up your final call. During this time we will go over your timeline and touch base on any odds and ends. We have a detailed questionnaire that helps us document your love story in its uniqueness and we enjoy going over it on the call to ensure we are all on the same page. If your planner/coordinator wants to tap in they are always welcome!


Delivering photos+ Film

Once your wedding day has come and gone we get to work on perfecting your final images and film. This process is a long one and while we know it is so hard to wait it is so worth it. We like to make sure everyone is on the same page about this, so there is no surprises or added stress.

Your photos take on average 2-4 months to be finalized and your film takes 4-6 months. On occasion less and on other occasions more. While some teams throw things together more quickly we believe perfection takes time. And we work hard to ensure that our film and photos are unique to your event and love story. This is not a cookie cutter style work flow, trust us, it's worth it!


How would you describe your style?

It's challenging to select any words to describe our style adequately because we feel our work is so art and emotion driven so really how do you pick words. However some words that come to mind are cinematic, joy-filled, iconic, emotive, and romantic. We shoot to produce art that evokes the same feelings the actual moment did. We are masterful with our lighting and always aim for the actual look of the day to be portrayed. You'll notice we prefer a pastel color pallet but we do tend to aim for rich, defined pastels that look and feel inviting while still being true to life. If I had to sum up our style in a one line description I would say; we create romantic and cinematic visuals that evoke your lingering feelings over and over. A love story that lives on...

How many photos are typically delivered in a gallery?

This is a super common question! You can expect a minimum of 50 photos per hour. Again this is the minimum. Often times it is way more and we do not limit the number of photos we are shooting to capture your day and curate the best keepsake of your memories by capturing it all.

What included in the wedding video?

Short answer is we create 3-12 minute highlight films showcasing the main events of your day in a cinematic fashion. Long answer, our wedding films are cinematic and story telling. Our films range in length based on your package selected but are anywhere from 3-12 minutes long. We offer voice overlay from vows and speeches for those who select to have it. Custom vows make a world of a difference in wow factor of the film and we highly recommend doing them even if they are done in the form of a letter exchange or private vow reading. We strive to tell the full story of your day in a way that can be enjoyed over and over by you and your family for years to come.

How many photographers/videogreaphers come to capture our event?

We typically operate as a two person unit, Kinzie photographer, Nick videographer. However we are dually trained and can both do both so we occasionally second shoot for each other! If you have a larger scaled event however, we will likely bring help! Larger/multi-day/12+ hour events require more angles and usually offer less time for running around so we do on occasion become a team of three or four even. It really depends on your wedding. But the bottom line is we are actually more than capable shooting solo without help and do this commonly when the event is pretty standard. When you inquire and we will discuss what is the best fit for your event.

How long have you been in business?

Kinzie started the business back in 2016 when we were living abroad in Italy and we have been growing our business ever sense! We started small and by the third full year she was able to retire Nick from the Air Force so he could come on board full time to make them a full time photo + video team. At this point we are over 120 weddings and counting.

Do you do photography outside of weddings?

Yes! We actually have a lot of clients who stay with us and we capture them annually. We also have some who find us after they have been married some time and so yes, we absolutely shoot standard sessions. Other sessions we offer are couples, family, newborn, fresh 48 and believe it or not Kinzie is in award winning birth photographer and loves to capture birth when she can fit it in her schedule.

What makes working with Lola Mango Photo + Film so desirable?

As humble as we are, we would have to say that what truly sets us apart is our ability to connect with our clients, in away that lets us step into their world and document the day more intimately. We really both have a way of connecting with clients in a way that feels like we belong or have been in the family forever. This allows us to feel your story on a deeper level and know and understand the connections that are happening not just between you two but everyone present. There is so much to a wedding day and while it is your special day as a couple, there are a million other connections happening with loved ones that deserved to be showcased and apart of your legacy. Your details being preserved, your grandma kissing your hand when shes sees you for the first time, the sun going down over the hills behind your venue, the way your dress twirled, this is what makes up how the day felt and capturing it all is what we do best. We both have a love for creating cinematic style art that is overflowing with joy and romance and all the otherwise lost moments in a way that people often tell us they haven't seen anywhere else. If you are looking to feel amazing on camera, receive photos/video that are beyond compare, and also just have a lot of fun with us you are our people. We are typically sought after by lively crowds who want to go all out, fully experience their wedding days and be able to relive the best night of their life with our photos and films.

Do you travel?

As a destination team we travel for over half our weddings each year. You'll typically find us in the Midwest in the spring, fall and winter and the West Coast a lot of summer. Because we are both born and raised in Washington state we still consider ourselves local here. However we are currently living just outside of St. Louis/ Chicago area so we consider this our local area as well. We frequent Texas, DC, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Arizona, California, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Mexico, the south of France, Northern and Southern Italy, Spain, and have plans to continue expanding our horizon as a business and are open to travel anywhere!